Amateur Radio Resources

Table of Contents

  1. Amateur Radio (and related) Organizations
  2. Call sign look up Servers
  3. License Examinations
  4. Technical Presentations
  5. DX Resources
  6. Miscellaneous Amateur Radio Resources
  7. Software
  8. Boat anchors
  9. Amateur Radio Groups
  10. ARES Organizations
  11. VEC Organizations (Licensing)
  12. Personal Amateur Radio Web Sites
  13. Training Aids
  14. T-Hunting
  15. Packet Radio
  16. Other Modes
  17. Forms
  18. Commercial Amateur Radio Sites

Amateur Radio (and related) Organizations

[FCC] Federal Communications Commission
[ARRL] American Radio Relay League
[RAC] Radio Amateurs of Canada
[AMSAT] Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation

Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) (german) or (english)
[IARU] International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
[IARU] National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)

Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)

Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)

W5YI Group

Pacific Division of the ARRL

Call sign look up Servers

License Examinations

Technical Presentations

DX Resources

  • Bay Area DXers - Traverse City, Michigan.

Miscellaneous Amateur Radio Resources

de K6OIK

General Circuit Analysis and Design

  • Micro-Cap by Spectrum Software [free download].
  • RF resources by Gunthard Kraus DG8GB. Choose English. A nice selection of articles, projects, and downloadable software [free].
  • QucsStudio Circuit Simulator, [free download]
  • OrCAD, demo version, [free trial]
  • LTspice Linear Technology, [free download]

Filters (lumped element ladders)

  • Elsie, Jim Tonne, WB6BLD, free student edition


  • NBS coil design, Stephen Moshier, [free download]

Transmission Lines

Smith Charts, Match Networks, and Tuners

Miscellaneous Routines

  • AppCAD, (alternate link) by Avago, [free download]


  • openEMS Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) modeling code that uses Matlab or Octave, [free download]
  • 4nec2, Antenna modeler by Arie Voors
  • EZNEC, Roy Lewallen, W7EL, $89 (demo version with limited functionality, free)
  • Unofficial NEC Archives, Miscellaneous free NEC programs
  • FEKO Student Edition, part of HyperWorks 14 Student Edition [free download]
  • AutoEZ, Dan Maguire, AC6LA $79 (demo version with limited functionality, free)
  • WIPL-D Demo full function s/w with 30-day time limit ([free download])
  • WIPL-D Lite limited function s/w for a smaller price
  • HOBBIES Academic version - CD and License are included with the following book, which is the hard copy instruction manual:
    T.K. Sarkar, Higher Order Basis Based Integral Equation Solver (HOBBIES), Wiley, 2012, ISBN 1118140656.
    Price ranges from $162 to $210 depending on where you buy the book.
    HOBBIES is similar to WIPL-D but costs half as much, can handle bigger problems, and has a better user interface.

HF Propagation

VHF/UHF Propagation

Morse Code Practice

Morse Code Practice apps for Android and iOS

Boat Anchor Resources

Mailing Lists/Reflectors



  • AMI Net - Wednesdays 2000 PDT 3.870MHz
  • Early Birds AM Net - Saturdays 0800 PDT 3.870MHz
  • Vintage SSB Net - Sundays 0800 PDT 3.863MHz
  • See Electric Radio for more Nets


  • Electric Radio
  • Radios by Hallicrafters by Chuck Dachis
  • Shortwave Receivers Past and Present by Osterman
  • Radiotron Designers Handbook (a 400+ page classic) by Langford Smith 1953, published by RCA
  • Any Radio Handbook by William Orr (Howard Sams, pub.)
  • Fixing up nice old Radios by Romney
  • Radio Engineers Handbook or Fundamentals of Radio by Terman
  • Any old Marcus and Levy books
  • Old QSTs and Radio Amateur Handbooks, pub. ARRL.

Equipment Manuals


Web Sites

Amateur Radio Groups

ARES Organizations

VEC Organizations (License Testing)

Personal Amateur Radio Web Sites

  • KF6NY
  • KQ6XA — Bonnie Crystal uses Amateur Radio while Spelunking.
  • KG6ILA — Local nets and NTS information

Training Aids


Packet Radio

APRS - Automatic Position Reporting System

Other Modes



Commercial Amateur Radio Sites

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