FARS - Membership Form

You may also renew online by logging on, then using PayPal to pay.

PLEASE complete a membership form for all new/renewal members.

Name: ______________________________________  Date: __________________

Call sign: ________________  Class [ Ex Adv Gen Tech Nov]: ___________

Street Address: ______________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________

Home phone: _____________________  Work phone: _______________________

ARRL Member? ____________________  Email: ____________________________

Preferred modes: (e.g. HF-SSB/VHF/QRP/Other): ________________________

Be an Elmer for new hams with: _______________________________________

Special topics of interest / suggestions for FARS meeting speakers:


Badge $12 [Clip / Pin / Magnetic] (circle choice)

Badge Name: __________________________  Badge Amount: ________________

                               Youth Rate ( )   Dues: ________________

                                 Donation (optional): ________________

                                               Total: ________________

Dues: $25. Send your check payable to FARS to this exact address:

PO Box 112551
Campbell, CA 95011

Notice: Membership dues are increasing to $25 on April 2nd, so renew now to avoid the increase. You may pay dues for more than one year by multiplying $25 by the number of years you would like to pay in advance. For example to add 3 years membership would cost $60 at the current rate.

Please note: Membership runs for one year from January 1st through December 31st. New membership applications accepted later in the year may have their dues prorated (see dues schedule).

A Badge for a new member, or a replacement badge, is $12. Your call sign and "badge name" (eg "Dick" for Richard) as specified above above will appear on the badge. We will use your first name if no "badge name" is specified. Badge orders are not shipped, so they must be picked up at a membership meeting.

* A youth membership rate is available for new/renewing members who are under 18 years of age. Check the "Youth Rate" above and enter $10 for the dues. There is no proration on the Youth Rate.

Use this form to become a member of FARS, or to renew membership. Renewing members, or badge only orders, should provide at least their name, call, and the date. Also include any information that may have changed. Put "N/A" where you wish to remove (or not provide) information.

Foothills Amateur Radio Society is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit under the Internal Revenue Code and is also recognized by the California Franchise Tax Board. This means that your Dues and any additional donation are fully tax deductible on your Federal and California Tax returns.

Last updated March 30, 2023