FARS - Thursday Night Net

FARS members meet at 8:00 PM each Thursday evening on the N6NFI repeater, 145.23-. A 100Hz PL is required to access this repeater.

The purpose of the net is to keep FARS members informed about activities; to exchange other amateur radio related information; and to socialize.

This net is open to all interested hams.

After the QSTs have been given, it's time for the rag chew session. During this portion of the net each participant is encouraged to make a contribution. Use this time to relate stories or experiences of interest to hams.

Your regular net control operators for this net are: Frank, K6FCW and Phil, KA6MZE.

New volunteers for net control are always appreciated. Contact Phil, KA6MZE to make arrangements. Your can download and print a copy of the Net Script [PDF] to prepare for running the Net.

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