FARS CQ World Wide 160 Meter Phone Contest 2022

FARS is participating in the CQ World Wide 160 meter contest February 25-27, 2022. This is a night time SSB Voice contest operating from Friday 22:00 UTC until Sunday 22:00 UTC. We are using the radio station located at Maryknoll to participate in this contest and using the FARS radio call sign K6YA during this contest.

Hours of Operation

6pm-6am, Feb 26-27 PST


23000 Cristo Rey Drive, Los Altos, CA

Note that this event is happening at the amateur radio station located on the Maryknoll property. This is the same property we use for Field Day, but in a different location on the property. Contact Phil, KA6MZE to participate or visit.

COVID-19 Rules:
The following are recommendations are for the safety of our attendees:

Participation and Visitation is Limited

Due to limited parking, facilities, and evening quiet, attendance is limited. Bring your own food and water, if needed for your visit. Note that there are no restroom facilities on site. Anyone wishing to participate or visit during the event needs to make arrangements with our Radio Officer Phil in advance. Contact Phil at sputnik AT pacbell.net. Members may also contact Phil via the roster.

Since this is a single band contest, we are using the 160 meter wire antenna permanently installed at that station. Also, 160 meters is a night time band, so our operation is only during the evening hours.

Since operating 160 meters requires a rather long wire antenna that is difficult for most hams to deploy, this is a good opportunity to work 160 meters. During the summer months, the 160 meter band (1.8-2.0 MHz) suffers from a high degree of atmospheric noise that renders communication on this band difficult. In the winter months, the noise on the band is much lower. For this reason, 160 meter contests occur during the winter months. Talk-in frequency for this contest is the W6ASH repeater on 440.800 MHz (-) offset PL 100.0Hz. experience contesting on 160 meters aka “the top-band.”
73, Phil Hawkins, KA6MZE, FARS Radio Officer and K6YA Station trustee

Phil, KA6MZE, organizes this event, so if you want to participate contact him.