FARS - Health and Welfare Traffic

There are a number of traffic nets that operate before, during, and after a disaster. These nets carry emergency as well as health and welfare traffic into and out of affected areas. The priority is always on emergency and priority communications, so health and welfare may be handled later. Due to the large volume of inquiries it may take some time to get word out, so be patient. See below for web resources for Health and Welfare Inquiries.

Web Resources

The easiest way to make an inquiry to submit a request on the SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network). This is the direct link to the request form.

You may use the the FARS contact form to submit Health and Welfare inquires. Please provide  your contact information (Full Name, Address, Telephone and Email) and the contact information of the person(s) you are trying to contact (Full Name(s), Address, Telephone Number and Email). We will forward your inquires to the Amateur Radio traffic Nets who will pass the requests to appropriate organizations. They will contact you when and if they have information.

Radio Nets

The SATERN network is active for the disaster in Haiti operating at 14.265 MHz during the day and 7.265 MHz and 3.9777 MHz evening and night. They are currently only handling emergency and priority traffic.

Last updated August 12, 2020