Keyboarding on HF [981KB]

Mikel Lechner, KN6QI
Presented at FARS April 24, 2009

This presentation shows how to get started using keyboard modes on HF. Modern personal computers and simple interfaces allow Ham's to use DSP processing to send and receive keyboard (text) signaling over the HF bands. The talk covers interfaces, software, and general operating.

HF Digital Keyboard Modes [981KB]

Mikel Lechner, KN6QI
Presented at FARS April 27, 2007

This presentation discusses the features and differences between some of the modern digital keyboard modes. There are examples of the hardware and software required. A good place to starting learning about these modes.

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PSK31 HF Frequencies
Band Frequency
160 m 1.838 MHz
80 m 3.580 MHz
40 m 7.070 MHz (7.035 MHz[1])
30 m 10.140 MHz
20 m 14.070 MHz
17 m 18.100 MHz
15 m 21.070 MHz (21.080 MHz[2])
10 m 28.120 MHz
PSK31 VHF Frequencies
Band Frequency
6 m 50.290 MHz
2 m 144.144 MHz
1.25 m 222.07 MHz
70 cm 432.2 MHz
33 cm 909 MHz

[1] Region 1 (DX contacts)
[2] Official