FARS Winter Banquet - February 24, 2023 [2022] [2023] [2024]

The FARS Winter Banquet is Friday evening, February 24, 2023. The Foothills Amateur Radio Society (FARS) presents this ham radio event and fete. This annual event is open to anyone who wants to attend, but reservations are required.

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Our speaker

[Program description to be provided]

Speaker Bio

K6YA is the Club radio call sign for the Foothills Amateur Radio Society. The current trustee for K6YA is KA6MZE. This picture is of the Field Day 2007 set up crew.

Banquet Photos

Raffle prizes for the Banquet

We plan on $1000 to $1500 in in prizes for the banquet raffle. A list of prizes raffled at the banquet will be posted here.

[Raffle Prize]

Banquet Raffle Prize Description of prize.
[Raffle Prize]

Banquet Raffle Prize Description of prize.

[prizes updated 12/20/2021]

Banquet Sign-ups are Closed

All sign-ups should be received by 6:00 PM on February 21st. Mailed sign-ups should be posted by February 17th to be received on time.

All late sign-ups (those received after 6:00 PM Monday, February 21st) are handled on a best effort basis (that is we must confirm with the restaurant if they have room for additions and your meal choice may be modified). Be sure we have your current email address and phone number so we may contact you. The on-line sign-up is recommended after February 17th.

Paper Sign-up - You may print this flyer, (which includes a sign-up form) fill it out and mail along with your check for payment. We should receive your sign-up by 6:00 PM Monday, February 21st. Last minute sign-ups should use the on-line form. See above for late sign-ups.

On-line Sign-up is not yet open - You must logon to this web site to sign up and use PayPal to make your payment.

Banquet attendees are encouraged to wear their club badges to show their club pride. We have stick on name tags for those who don't have or forget to wear their club badge.


Schedule: 6:00PM - Arrival and Mixing
7:00PM - Dinner
7:30PM - Introductions
7:45PM - Presentation
8:45PM - Announcements, Awards, etc.
9:00PM - Raffle

Prices for the 2023 banquet.

Dinner includes salad, bread rolls, dessert (chocolate mousse) and coffee. The bar next door will be open for drink orders.


The banquet is held at:

Michael's at Shoreline
2960 No. Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA

Refund Policy

Cash or Check Payments

Full refunds will be made for cancellations received by 6:00 PM on Monday, February 20th, 2023. Refunds are paid by check. Allow up to 30 days to receive your refund.

PayPal Payments

Full refunds will be given for cancellations received by 6:00 PM on Monday, February 20th, 2023. However, if the cancellation is more than one hundred and fifty (150) days after payment was made, the refund may be reduced to cover processing expenses. Refunds are paid via PayPal. Allow 15 days to receive your refund.

Last updated January 14, 2022