N6NFI Repeater (formerly W6APZ)

Repeater Info:

Freq: 145.23 MHz
Shift: -600 KHz
PL: 100Hz
Trustee(s): Rolf Klibo, N6NFI
Affiliations: ARES, Hospital Net
QTH: Stanford, Palo Alto
Links: none

Sorry, the following information out of date.

Emergency Autodial

A copy of the emergency autodial code and instructions may be obtained by sending a photocopy of your amateur radio license and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

523 Repeater 
% P. O. Box 391288 
Mountain View, CA 94039-1288
Link to SPARK repeater page: http://spark.beetown.com/repeater.html

Autodial Codes

The SPARK website gives details on the N6NFI repeater, including the signal strength code and how to obtain the complete list of autodial codes.