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Volume 28, Number 7 - JULY 1998


In the interest of keeping everyone confused, the meeting reverts to the usual fourth Friday this month. To further complicate your schedule, the fourth Friday is NOT the last Friday of the month.

Mike Colliander KE6MDW will give a run down on Field day. There were a number of cameras present so there should be a lot of pictures available to view (hint, hint). There should be some time left for some short presentations on works-in-progress, show and tell, and reminiscences.


Sy Stein, WA6ROM, became a SK last month. He was an honorary member of EMARC and a long-time active ham in the Bay area. He was also on the board of the Perham Foundation (sponsor of the Electronics Museum) and was directly involved in negotiating with Foothill College for the famous Foothill amateur radio swap meets. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Omri AA6TA

Barry Goldwater, K7UGA - SK. He looked out for the interests of amateur radio during his long political career.

David Pond N5NSK -> KF6RLS. David, who just moved here from Oklahoma, was at our June meeting.

KC6WPJ is not likely to be attending any more club functions. She was married in May and is now living in Oregon. Virginia Zander Anderson

de Paul Zander, AA6PZ


Our Training Officer Paul, AA6PZ, is planning to have a one weekend class for no-code Tech Oct 3-4. Pending reserving a location.


Livermore Swap Meet - 1st Sunday of each month at Las Positas College in Livermore, 7:00 AM to noon, all year. Talk in 147.045 from the west, 145.35 from the east.

Foothill Flea Market - 2nd Saturday of each month from March to October at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills.


According to FTC attorney Paul H. Luehr, spam or unsolicited commercial e-mail (UTC) should be forwarded to The address has been up and operating for about 9 mo to a year and has collected over 250,000 e-mails so far. They obviously cannot read them all, but they can and do download this spam to a searchable database at the FTC. Then we use the database to identify and act on particular types of misleading solicitations ("make $100,000 while you sleep," etc. [Don't ask about that one. DW] ) has a press release on this project.) Monitor

Thanks to Paul AA6PZ


Hy-Gain Tri-band TH3-Jr. (Thunderbird Junior), three-element, light weight (only 26 lbs.), Yagi beam antenna for 10, 15, and 20 meters with instruction manual and balun. Fully assembled and worked well when last used. Gain: up to 8 dB. Front-to-Back Ratio: 25 dB. 50 Ohm input impedance. Usable up to 600 Watts PEP. Get in on the up-swing of this sun-spot cycle. Only $45. Call Rich W6APZ at 650-494-0128. or email:


President: Jack Eddy, WA6YJR
Treasurer: Shel Edelman, N6RD
Secretary: Martin Liberman, KD6WJW
Training Officer: Paul Zander, AA6PZ
Radio Officer: Mikel Lechner, KN6QI
Newsletter: David Wilkes, KD6WRG

Board members: Dirk Thiele, KE6ZUY; Dick, N6ATD; Hans, KE6TGA; Martin, KD6WJW; Herb, KF6BKL

K6YA Station Trustee: Stan Kuhl, K6MA

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The FARS Relay is the official monthly newsletter of the Foothills Amateur Radio Society Meetings are held at 7 PM on the fourth Friday of each month except January (Winter Banquet); and 3rd Friday in June, Nov. & Dec. Annual membership $20; family $25. Visitors are always welcome! Directions on the back page. Talk-in: W6APZ (145.23-, 100Hz) or W6ASH repeater (145.27 or 224.36). Contributions to the newsletter from members, family, and guests are earnestly solicited! Contributions subject to editing and/or compression. ASCII files via packet, Internet or diskettes preferred; but all readable forms welcome. Here are the various ways to reach the editor:



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Newsline Home Page (Primary) (Backup) Webmaster Dale Cary - WD0AKO Features an extensive archive of previous Newslines starting with #692 in November 1990, information on numerous aspects of Newsline, its history, people of Newsline, links to other Newsline sites both text and audio. More features being added.

Military to help save 70 CM

The ARRL has called out the United States Navy to help save the 70 centimeter band from being forced into a sharing agreement with land mobile users or possible reallocation to their exclusive use. Speaking at last weeks Rochester Hamfest, ARRL first vice president Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML, explained how it all came about: "It occurred to me after talking to somebody at Dayton that we don't own the 440 spectrum. Most of you should be aware we are merely secondary users. And I wondered if the primary user was aware. So the league contacted the NTIA National Telecommunications Information Agency, which is the government FCC. And in turn NTIA contacted the real user, the Navy. The Navy has just spent some 75 billion dollars. Billion with a B, on a little thing called the Combat Engagement System. CES operates in that 400 meg band. And so, the Navy was real unhappy about the idea of sharing the band with anybody. And of course with the Navy, they have their idea of jammer hunting that is significantly different than ours. They have the hardware to enforce what they desire." Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML The fact that the Navy is siding with ham radio does not mean that the fight to save the 70 centimeter band is over. Congress wants more military spectrum turned over to the private sector for commercial use and the FCC is under pressure to accede to these demands. As such, ham radio operators cannot afford to become complacent. The battle is not over yet.

(Via Newsline)


by Brad Wyatt, K6WR, Director, Pacific Division
ARRL (408) 395-2501 (Phone and FAX)
WWW Pacific Division Home Page -

Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act Needs Cosponsors:- On March 27, Representatives Michael Bilirakis (R-FL-9th) and RonKlink (D-PA-4th) introduced HR 3572, the Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act of 1998. The operational portion of the bill is Section 3 (see below), which, if passed, would require the FCC to provide "equivalent replacement spectrum" if the Commission reallocates any primary or secondary Amateur Radio frequencies. You can look up the full text of the bill on the House THOMAS web site at: Our strategy is very straightforward - obtain as many House cosponsors as we can before the end of the legislative session and elections later this year. To date we have the following cosponsors in the Pacific Division - Patsy Mink (D-HI-2); Tom Campbell (R-CA-15); John Doolittle (R-CA-4). Let's get more of the Pacific Division House Members to be cosponsors! Cosponsors don't vote against their own bills!

[If you have any pull with senators or congress-critters, please call Brad to see how you can help. DW]

Geoffrey Ellis, KD6MFM, Takes Office as Santa Clara Valley Section Manager: On July 1, 1998, Geoffrey took office as the new Santa Clara Valley Section Manager. Welcome, Geoffrey!

How to get to meetings:

(Visitors always welcome)

FARS meets at the Covington School District building, 201 Covington Road, Los Altos. Take the El Monte exit (The same exit as for the Foothill Fleamarket) off of I-280 and go East on El Monte. Cross Foothill Expressway and turn right at the next light on to Covington (Note Saint William church on corner). Stay to your left as the road forks. Just past the fork, turn left into the school parking lot. Walk through the center hallway and turn right. The meeting room is the first door on the left. Talk in on 145.23 or 145.27, negative offset, 100 PL. [meeting map]