FARS - 2000 Field Day - K6YA

June 24 & 25, 2000

Hans, KE6TGA and Dick, N6ATD prepare the SSB station tower. [Photo]
[Photo] The setup crew installs the triband antenna for the SSB station.

(Left to Right)
?, Mikel KN6QI (on ladder), Jack WA6YJR, Paul AA6PZ, David KD6WRG, Dick N6ATD.

The setup crew prepares to raise the main tower for the SSB tribander.

(Left: Left to Right)
?, Paul AA6PZ KD6WRG, Charley KF6CUU, Phil KA6MZE.

(Right: Left to Right)
Dick N6ATD, Jack WA6YJR, George K6OG, ?.

(Rear: Left to Right)
Herb KF6BKL, Mikel KN6QI.

[Photo] The SSB station on the air with Mikel KN6QI logging, and ? tuning for the next contact.
Phil KA6MZE, working 2m VHF FM. [Photo]
[Photo] Walt W6ASH operates 20m CW.

Photos Copyright (C) 2000 by Paul Zander, AA6PZ.
These photographs are published here by permission.