FARS - Anderson PowerPole Connectors

by Paul Zander, AA6PZ

I wanted to be 100% sure that I had the correct info to assemble the power pole connectors to match everyone else. At the meeting a number of web-sites were mentioned. So I started with Google, and found a number of web-sites with the info for the “RACES standard.”

I went to other web-sites and found a picture with a raised ridge on the right side. That I could match with my parts. I had some correspondence with the web-masters at some of these sites.

“You're right! Our Anderson PowerPole drawing has been incorrect for several years! Thanks for pointing out this problem, and sorry for the confusion. I corrected the drawing. […]”

All of these web-sites have the correct picture.



[invalid link] http://pages.ripco.net/~ormos/sarc-ema-anderson-powerpole-assembly-0210c.gif

In the big picture, the ridge/groove is probably not important, because it is not part of the connector which mates in the RACES assembly. It was just a detail which was enough to cause some confusion.