FARS - Learning the Morse Code

It is recommended that to learn the code you must practice several times a week. Each practice session should at least 15 minutes but no more than 30 minutes. It's better to have more short sessions than longer sessions.

Don't try to learn the code by visualizing the dots and dashes but rather by learning to distinguish the dots and dashes by simply listening to them. You must train the audio portion of your brain to hear the code. Reading the code visually does not help you to hear the code.

Have a pad of paper and a comfortable pen or pencil with which to copy the letters of messages as you listen to the code. Let the action of copying the message from the code become natural so you don't need to think about it. It becomes easier with practice.

Tapes & CD-ROMs

W5YI/Gordon West tapes/CDs

0-to-5 wpm code lessons are available in 8-CD and 6-cassette formats priced at $30. Either set is recommended for beginners. Gordo's 2-CD or 2-cassette $15 abbreviated "refresher" courses don't offer enough practice.

ARRL's "Your Introduction to Morse Code" tapes/CDs

0-to-5 wpm is available in 2-CD and 2-cassette formats. Both sets have 2-1/2 hours of practice and cost $15. The 2-CD or 2-cassette $15 abbreviated "refresher" courses don't offer enough practice.

W1AW code practice

You can now download W1AW on-air code practice transmissions as MP3 files and play them on your computer. These files may be found at ARRL Code Practice

On Air Code Practice

William Sizemore, W6ADO

W6ADO in Los Angeles offers Morse practice 24 hours a day on 7.100 MHz.

Morse Code Software for Learning

Ray Goff G4FON's Koch CW Trainer

Download version 8.

Martin Minow K6MAM's Morse Practice.

Download this JAVA application. You must have Java run time environment (JRE) installed to run this JAR file. Alternatively, it can run in a browser as a java applet.

For advanced CW contesters

There is Alex Shovkoplyas VE3NEA's Morse Runner.

Simon Twigger AA9PW

offers Morse practice on his web page.

Other Resources

A good book

is William G. Pierpont N0HFF's "The Art and Skill of Radio Telegraphy." Download the pdf (3rd ed.).

ARRL's "Learn Morse Code"

Web resource page.

de Steve, K6OIK