FARS Winter Banquet - February 23, 2024 [2023] [2024] [2025]

The FARS Winter Banquet was Friday evening, February 23, 2024. The Foothills Amateur Radio Society (FARS) presented this ham radio event and fete. This annual event was open to anyone who wanted to attend, but reservations were required. This meeting was an in person only (NO Zoom Access).

Coastal station KPH – its history, restoration (by MRHS volunteers), and modern operations
Richard Dillman W6AWO via Zoom
(NO Zoom Access for Attendees)
February 23, 2024 @ 6:00PM-10:00PM

Speaker Bio

First licensed in 1958 I'm now a proud founding member of the Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS). We're dedicated to the preservation of the skills, traditions and lore of maritime radio through the operation of coast station KSM, the first new commercial coast station in decades. Our objective to to acknowledge, honor and commemorate the men and women who made the profession of radiotelegrapher one of honor and skill both ashore and afloat.

See also: K6KPH, club station of the Maritime Radio Historical Society http://www.radiomarine.org

Raffle prizes for the Banquet

We had over a dozen prizes for the banquet raffle. Here were the main prizes:

[Yaesu FT710 Transceiver]

Yaesu FT710 SDR HF Transceiver Outstanding SDR performance. Bandpass filters on every band; High Resolution 4.3 inch color touch display; Full color waterfall spectrum analyzer; Built in high speed antenna tuner; TX 1.8-54 MHz (amateur bands only); Accessories - SSM-75E hand mike; DC power cable.
[Nano VNA - H4]

Nano VNA - H4 4 inch 1.5 GHz VNA - Tuned antennas, duplexers, filters etc. Full touch screen. Latest version includes functions for TDR – time domain reflectometer. Includes cables and full calibration kit.
[Tiny SA]

Tiny SA 4 inch model – 100KHz -5.3 GHz response – 200Hz bandwidth – with built in calibrated signal generator - includes antenna and extra cables and adapters.
[uSDX+ QRP HF transceiver]

uSDX+ QRP HF transceiver Covers 160-6 meters – SSB, CW, digital QRP transceiver. 5 watts CW – 10 watt SSB. Built in CW decoder, full DSP noise reduction. Complete Description of prize.
[Radioddity QB25]

Radioddity QB25 Quad Mobile 25 watt transceiver. This radio boast 200 memories, full software programmability, great bullet proof front end with 0.25 uV sensitivity, full FM.
[ATS-20 Receiver]

ATS-20 Receiver All Mode AM/FM/SSB/CW 100KHz-30 MHz - FM Stereo Receiver.
[Baofeng UV5R x3]

Baofeng UV5R x3 Tri-band handie talkie; Drop in LiOn smart charge, 1800 Mahr LiOn, battery, belt clip, antenna. Frequency coverage: 65-108 MHz – FM broadcast – receive only 220-225 MHz VHF TX/RX 136-174 MHZ – VHF – TX/RX 420- 520 - MHz - TX/RX; Full CTSS and DCS coding
[800 lumen flashlight]

800 lumen flashlight Mil spec aircraft aluminum LED flashlight with 18650 3000mAh battery and AAA battery adapter.
[Retekess Portable radio]

Retekess Portable radio Covers AM/FM, SW. Built in MP3 player/recorder. Great for emergencies, WWV monitoring. Built in LiOn battery.
[40 meter Pixie]

40 meter Pixie 500mW CW transceiver completely built and tested. Includes headphone, rechargeable NiMH 9v battery.

[prizes updated 12/20/2021]

Banquet Photos

Banquet Sign-ups are Closed

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Banquet attendees are encouraged to wear their club badges to show their club pride. We have stick on name tags for those who don't have or forget to wear their club badge.


Schedule: 6:00PM - Arrival and Mixing
7:00PM - Dinner
7:30PM - Introductions
7:45PM - Presentation
8:45PM - Announcements, Awards, etc.
9:00PM - Raffle

Prices for the 2024 banquet:

Dinner includes a mixed green salad, potato or rice (depending on the plate), fresh vegetables, bread, coffee or tea, and dessert.


The banquet location:

The Blue Pheasant
22100 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

Refund Policy

Cash or Check Payments

Full refunds will be made for cancellations received by 6:00 PM on Monday, February 19th, 2024. Refunds are paid by check. Allow up to 30 days to receive your refund.

PayPal Payments

Full refunds will be given for cancellations received by 6:00 PM on Monday, February 19th, 2024. However, if the cancellation is more than one hundred and fifty (180) days after payment was made, the refund may be reduced to cover processing expenses. Refunds are paid via PayPal. Allow 15 days to receive your refund.

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