FARS Meeting Programs - 2003 [2002] [2001]

Friday February 28, 2003 - Membership Meeting

Amateur Radio's Finest Hour
by Bart Lee, KV6LEE

An eye-witness and illustrated account of amateur radio working in disaster relief in New York September 11 to Sept 22, 2001, with suggestions for effective communications in disasters.

Bio: Bart Lee, KV6LEE, is the OES Auxiliary Communications System Liaison Officer for San Francisco and ARRL ARES EC also for San Francisco.

Friday March 28, 2003 - Membership Meeting

Emergency Communicator Preparation
by Peter Griffith, WA6VAQ

Ever wonder what a "Go Kit" is? Peter Griffith, WA6VAQ, will describe the ins and outs of being a volunteer emergency communicator including preparation for the "big one."

Friday April 25, 2003 - Membership Meeting

Zen and the Art of Top Band Operating
by Jim Peterson, K6EI

Top Band is the lowest in frequency of all amateur bands, ranging from 1800 to 2000 kHz. This talk will cover unique aspects of Top Band operating, including how propagation and noise characteristics differ from the HF bands, DX possibilities, and how to install an efficient antenna when you don't have a lot of real estate.

Friday May 23, 2003 - Membership Meeting

The Ultimate Dipole
by Steve Stearns, K6OIK

The best length for a dipole is not 1/2 wavelength as is commonly believed. Building on the philosophy that antennas should be designed for optimum radiation behavior rather than other superfluous criteria, we show how to design better dipole antennas.

Friday June 20, 2003 - Membership Meeting

Field Day

This meeting shall be dedicated to Field Day. We will talk about what it takes to put up a Field Day station and the purpose of Field Day. We we also do final planning and organizing for the FARS Field Day event.

Friday July 25, 2003 - Membership Meeting

Digital Modes in Amateur Radio
by Mikel Lechner, KN6QI

A number of new modes of amateur radio communication have been devised in the few years that don't require specialized or expensive equipment. These new modes take advantage of the fast CPUs and sound cards in expensive PCs. Find out what's happening and how easy it is to get started. We will also have a live demonstration of one ore more of the modes.

Friday August 22, 2003 - Membership Meeting

Radio Propagation
by Stefan Goette, KG6MAO

Friday September 26, 2003 - Membership Meeting

Annual Homebrew Contest

Everyone is invited to bring a favorite amateur radio project for a special show and tell session. Here's a chance to show off that favorite antenna or special piece of equipment. Homemade gear is especially appreciated. Each participant will have 5 minutes to talk. Prizes will be awarded to the best projects.

Friday October 24, 2003 - Membership Meeting

IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project
by Donn Lee, W6FYI

The IRLP project links remote radio stations via the Internet allowing VHF/UHF radio links across country and around the world.

Friday November 21, 2003 - Membership Meeting

The Latest Amateur Radio Toys
by Howard Califf, KE6PWH

This meeting is our Annual Membership meeting. We shall have elections to elect 5 individuals to the board of directors.

Friday December 19, 2003 - Membership Meeting

Using software tools for antenna design
by Steve Stearns, K6OIK

Successful antenna design can be done by computer with a few key software packages which are free or low cost. We will show these tools by designing a high-performance 2 meter antenna from scratch. The focus will be on the electrical design, and key antenna concepts which will be introduced as needed. Listeners are encouraged to bring scratch paper for taking notes and calculators to follow along.

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