FARS CQ World Wide 160 Meter Phone Contest 2012

FARS is not participating in the 160 meter contest in 2013. Check back next year.

Saturday February 25th, 2012 was the 160 meter CQWW phone contest; FARS participated in this night-time contest. FARS operated with our station call sign of K6YA during this contest. The operating location was the Maryknoll Residence on the soccer field where FARS also holds its annual ARRL field day in June. Since this is a single band contest, we deployed a quarter wavelength (135 foot) sloper antenna for transmit on 160 meters. Reception was done on a 300 foot beverage antenna, 5 feet above the ground. Since 160 meters is only usable during the night-time hours, set-up was Saturday starting at mid-day and contesting began just before sunset and terminated shortly after local sunrise. After the contest, tear down was Sunday morning.

Since operating 160 meters requires lots of real estate, which most people do not have, this is a good opportunity to work 160 meters on the large soccer field at Maryknoll. During the summer months, the 160 meter band (1.8-2.0 MHz) suffers from a high degree of atmospheric noise which renders communication on this band difficult. In the winter months, the noise on the band is much lower. For this reason, 160 meter contests occur during the winter months. If you are interested in operating this contest please email me, Phil, at ka6mze AT yahoo.com. Talk-in frequency for this contest was the W6ASH repeater on 145.270 MHz (-) offset PL 100.0Hz. Come join FARS in operating this contest and experience contesting on 160 meters aka “the top-band.”

73, Phil Hawkins, KA6MZE, FARS Radio Officer and K6YA Station trustee

Phil, KA6MZE, organizes this event, so if you want to participate contact him.