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2012 San Mateo Maker Faire Amateur Radio Exhibit

Foothills Amateur Radio Society (FARS) is sponsoring an exhibition of Amateur Radio Technology at the 2012 San Mateo Maker's Faire. Many clubs and club members from around the bay area will be participating. Our goal of this year is to project building for amateur radio.

With many clubs participating, people visiting the area will see that there are multiple groups and there are people of all ages participating. We are an active and social group. We will have an amazing array of Ham Radio demonstrations. We will show the technology of amateur radio.

Earning your first amateur radio license, called a technician, is relatively easy now that the morse code requirement is gone. The pool of questions and answers are public. Out of the possible 400+ multiple choice questions in the pool, you are asked 35 and must answer 26 correctly to pass. There are plenty of on line and printed tutorials to help you learn the material.

FARS is the primary sponsor. They have pledged equipment, money and support. The ARRL has stepped up to the plate and will be paying many of the expenses of the Faire.

Hams have long been DIYers. Many of the first radios were made from parts around the workshop. Or modified military radios. Today we make great use of microprocessors. This year we are featuring home brew projects that use Arduinos and PIC processors. We will have geiger counters using APRS. A antenna communicating with a PC to lock onto satellites for easier communications. A bicycle mounted motion activated aprs transmitter. A APRS data logger. A spectrum display or FFT display of the audio signals. Plus other projects. Visit and learn how amateur radio operators love to experiment and play with microprocessors.

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