Directions to FARS Board of Directors Meetings

The FARS Board of Directors meets at the offices of the Los Altos Town Crier (Crier). The Crier is located at 138 Main Street in Los Altos, close to where Main and State Streets converge. There is CitiBank on the corner where the two streets meet. The red star marks location of the Crier on his map of the Los Altos area. These meetings are open to all FARS members.

(See Map Below)

[meeting map]

USE THE REAR ENTRANCE to the building, accessible from State Street and the off-street parking lot; the front entry via Main Street is locked after 5pm. We meet in the conference room at the top of the stairs.

The rear entrance for the Crier is located between the rear side of the bank and the rear of the Los Altos Masonic Building (Masonic building). (Seen in the 2nd photo below)

Street parking should be available on both Main and State; in addition, there is off-street parking behind the building, accessible from State Street. Best parking is near the Masonic building. (Seen in the 2nd photo below)

The following pictures show the front and rear of the Crier building area. Park in the rear of the building near the Masonic building (off of State Street). Notice the large second floor window (Seen in the 2nd photo below) of the building on the left edge of the photo. This is the meeting room. The entry is a glass door (just visible in the photo) around the corner near the handicapped parking sign. Look for a glass door about 15 feet to the right of Morsey's Farmhouse restaurant rear entrance. Enter here and take the stairs up to the meeting room.

[latc front] [latc rear]

TALK-IN via the W6ASH (147.270-; 100Hz PL) repeater.