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The FARS Winter Banquet was Friday evening, January 19, 2018. The Foothills Amateur Radio Society (FARS) presented this ham radio event and fete. This annual event was open to anyone who wished to attend. Dinner prices ranged from $35-$56 per person.

This year we invited the West Valley Amateur Radio Association (WVARA) and the Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association (PAARA) to join us at our 2018 Winter Banquet. We welcomed West Valley and PAARA members.

Our program

The Originals of Silicon Valley
Mike Adams
California Historical Radio Society
January 19th, 2018 - 6:00PM

In the final decades of the nineteenth century two young men would migrate from the Midwest to the Bay Area. Both were inventors, both had been physics majors, one Yale, the other Stanford. Both would receive patents in electronics and radio. Both worked in the Santa Clara Valley over 100 years ago. This is the story of two Silicon Valley originals: Lee de Forest and Charles Herrold.

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Speaker Bio

Mike Adams has been a radio personality and a film maker. Currently he is professor emeritus of radio, television, and film at San Jose State University, where he has been a department chair and the Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and the Arts.

Adams has taught at the Shanghai Theatre Academy School of Television and Film. As a researcher and writer of broadcast and early technology history, he created two award-winning documentaries for PBS, the Emmy-nominated “Radio Collector,” and “Broadcasting’s Forgotten Father.”

Mike is the Board Chair of the California Historical Radio Society, CHRS. For his service to historical radio research and publication he received the AWA (Antique Wireless Association) Houck Award, the SCARS (Southern California Historical Radio Society) President’s Award, the TCA (Tube Collectors of America) Stokes Award, the RCA (Radio Club of America) Ralph Batcher Award, and he was named a CHRS History Fellow.

He has had published numerous articles and six books, including Lee de Forest, King of Radio, Television and Film, 2012, Springer Science, The Radio Boys and Girls: Radio, Telegraph, Telephone and Wireless Adventures for Juvenile Readers, 1890-1945, McFarland Press, 2015, and Columbus Radio, Arcadia, 2016.

Photos from the 2018 Winter Banquet:

Raffle prizes for the Banquet

We had over $1,500 in prizes for the banquet raffle. [Prize winner photos © Robert Bynum 2018 included here with permission] Here are the raffle prizes and prize winners:

[Elecraft KX2 Transceiver]

Elecraft KX2 Transceiver is just 13 ounces, outputs 10W and cover 9 amateur radio bands from 80m to 10m. It's powerful 32-bit DSP offers dual watch, stereo audio, user-programmable filter bandwidths, noise blanking, noise reduction, and auto-notch. RTTY and PSK data modes are built-in. And much more.
Winner: Mikel, KN6QI.
[Yaeus FT-65R]

Yaesu FT-65R 2M/70cm Dual Band HT Compact, Rugged and light. RF Power levels: 5W/2W/0.5W w/ 1950mAH Li-ion Battery (9 hours operation)
Winner: Patrick, AA7HK.
[BTECH UV 25x4]

Btech Mini UV-25x4 144MHz/220MHz/440MHz Tri-band, Power level (25W/10W), base/mobile transceiver, 200 memories, quad receive, dual display. and narrow band FM ready.
Winner: Lloyd, KD6FJI.
[Ematic Windows 10 Tablet]

Ematic Windows® 10 Tablet w/ keyboard. Operates as a touch screen tablet or a small PC. Intel® Atom Quad-Core energy efficient processor, 9" screen, 32G Flash Storage, Wifi, and Bluetooth.
Winner: Mikel, KN6QI.
[MFJ-335BS Mount] [Diamond NR-770HB]

Diamond NR-770HB VHF/UHF Mobile Antenna w/ MFJ-335BS mount
Features: (1) 3.0 dB gain on 2m, (2) 5.5 dB gain on 70cm, (3) Rold-over for low clearance, (4) Rated 200 watts, (5) Gold-plated UHF/PL-259 Connector. (6) Black finish, (7) Includes MFJ-335BS Magnetic mount.
Winner: Michael, KE8AQW.
[Bioenno Power BLF-1203W] [Bioenno Power BPC-1502DC]

Bioenno Power BLF-1203W - 12 Volt 3Ah LFP Battery (PVC) - LiFePO4


Bioenno Power BPC-1502DC 14.6V, 2A AC-to-DC Charger (DC Plug) for 12V LiFePO4 Batteries
Winner: Mark, AF6IM.
[TBJ-1 144MHz/220MHz/440MHz Antenna]

TBJ-1 PVC Tri-Band Antenna 146MHz/220MHz/440MHz tri-band J-Pole Antenna donated by Edison Fong, WB6IQN
Winner: Steve, K6OIK.
[MFJ-1702C Coax Switch]

MFJ-1702C Coax Switch - 2 Position Coax Switch with Surge Protection - UHF Female SO-239 Connectors
Winner: Mikel, KN6QI.
[Powerwerx BT-Junior]

Battery Tender Junior - Charges GelCells and Sealed Cell Batteries
Winner: Mark, AF6IM.
[MFJ-392B Headphones]

MFJ-392B Headphones Padded headband and ear cushioned design makes listening extremely comfortable. Separate volume controls for left and right side.
Winner: Edison, WB6IQN.
[Heil HTH-Y Headset]

Heil HTH-Y Handi Talkie Headset - single-sided, lightweight w/ boom mic and in-line PTT switch.
Winner: Kristen, K6WX.
[SRH77CA HT Antenna]

Diamond SRH77CA - SMA 2M/440cm HT antenna for portable radios
Winner: Ken, KM6IA.
[SRH77CA HT Antenna]

Diamond SRH77CA - SMA 2M/440cm HT antenna for portable radios (again)
Winner: Jose, AJ0SE.
[RG8X Coax 50′]

RG-8X 50 ohm coax w/ PL-259 connectors - 50ft
Winner: Karen, KK6NGA.

Schedule: 6:00PM - Open Bar (No Host)
7:00PM - Dinner
8:00PM - Presentation
9:00PM - Announcements, Awards, Raffle


The banquet was held at:

Michael's at Shoreline
2960 No. Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA


Dinner includes dessert (chocolate mousse) and coffee. There is also a no-host bar where you may order other drinks.

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