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Friday January 25, 2008 - FARS/PAARA Winter Banquet

Cold War U-2 Pilot
Martin "Marty" Knutson, W0BBV

Marty was a member of the initial group of six U.S. Air Force pilots hired by the CIA in 1955 for the covert U-2 program. He flew over the Soviet Union on many occasions during his service with the CIA.

Friday February 22, 2008 - Membership Meeting

A Technical History of Modern Cellular Telephone Systems
Dr. John Treichler
CTO, Applied Signal Technology

Vehicle-borne two-way radios came of age during the second world war. This talk picks up the thread in 1946, when this technology and the wired telephone network were joined together to produce the first mobile telephone system (MTS), and carries the story to the modern day. This historical arc includes the evolution of MTS into the first cellular system in the late 1970s, the transition to digital cellular starting in the late 1980s, and the third generation (3G), which is currently entering wide use. A recurring theme in this presentation is the continuing impact of the technical decisions made more than 60 years ago.

Friday March 28, 2008 - Membership Meeting

Circuit Theory for Radio Amateurs
Steve Stearns, K6OIK

What is voltage? What is current? What is power? And while we're asking, what are resistance, conductance, capacitance, inductance, reactance, susceptance, impedance, and admittance? Perhaps more mysterious are mutual inductance, transformers, impedance inverters, negative impedance converters, gyrators, nullators, and nullors.

The story gets really interesting when we consider hooking devices together to make circuits. Circuit theory as it evolved from Heaviside through Steinmetz, Foster, Guillemin, Kemmerly and Hayt, marks the branch point between electrical engineering and physics.

Steve, K6OIK, explains these concepts plus complex numbers.

Friday April 25, 2008 - Membership Meeting

APRS for Everyone
Peter Sheerin, K6WEB

APRS is the automated packet reporting system. Peter K6WEB covers all aspects of APRS: Equipment and software options, functions and capabilities, and the Findu.com web site's many features and functions.

Friday May 23, 2008 - Membership Meeting

China, a visual tour
“Red” Verneir, W6ALC

China is a large country with a complex history and diverse landscape. “Red” Vernier, W6ALC, recently visited China an treats us to a visual tour of the country as he describes his travel adventures.

Friday June 20, 2008 - Membership Meeting

The Beverage Antenna
Phil Hawkins, KA6MZE

The earliest and most famous of all HF antennas was invented in 1921 by Drs. Harold Beverage of RCA and Chester Rice and Edward Kellog of General Electric. They called it the "Wave Antenna," but it quickly became known by its modern name - the Beverage Antenna. Join us tonight as Phil, KA6MZE, explains this remarkable antenna. FARS is building a big one for Field Day, so this is your opportunity to learn how it works!

Friday July 23, 2008 - Membership Meeting

How to Radiate a Big Signal from a Small Lot
George Badger, W6TC

George, W6TC, describes unusual wire antennas that radiate well but can fit in small backyards and that could even be useful at Field Day and Am-tech Day. This talk is an elaboration and continuation of George's article that appeared in QST, February 2008, on pages 37-39.

Friday August 22, 2008 - Membership Meeting

Internet Telephone Service
Nimit K6XOX

Nimit, K6XOX, describes and demonstrate how to use the Internet for telephone service. Internet telephony is growing in popularity due to low costs. It is made [possible by a communication protocol called VOIP, which stands for voice over Internet protocol. Efficient digital speech compression techniques, such as IMBE or AMBE, together with VOIP are the backbone technologies behind Internet telephony. The beauty of Internet telephone service is that long-distance and international calls cost no more than local calls. Come hear Nimit describe this amazing new phone service and think about amateur radio applications.

Friday September 26, 2008 - Membership Meeting

Annual Amateur Radio Homebrew Contest

This is your chance to share your latest project with our audience. Anyone may bring a Ham radio project for show and presentation. We award cash prizes for the best projects. Come to win, or just to share. Prizes:


Friday October 24, 2008 - Membership Meeting

The Elecraft K3 Transceiver
Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ

Eric demonstrates Elecraft's new top-of-the-line transceiver for HF and 6-meter operation. Whether you count knobs or QSO's, the K3 is a sure-fire winner. You read about it in QST (April 2008), now come and see it up close and in action at FARS October meeting.

Friday November 21, 2008 - Membership Meeting

New and Exciting Goodies for the Ham Shack
Howard Califf, W6HOC from Ham Radio Outlet - Sunnyvale

Howard repeats his popular pre-holiday show of new and exciting “goodies” for the ham shack. He shows the latest in gear and accessories for the well-equipped home, mobile, and portable Amateur Radio station.

This meeting is our Annual Membership Meeting where we are electing four people to the Board of Directors. FARS members are encouraged to attend this important meeting. The following are up for election at the meeting:

Dick Baldwinson, N6ATD
Peter Chow, AF6DS
Charlie Morrin, KI6FXY
Barbara Neuhauser, AE6RM
Gerry Horn, K6TXD

[Meeting scheduled in Room 32 this month]

Friday December 19, 2008 - Membership Meeting

Amateur Radio in Thailand
Nimit Hongyim, K6XOX

Nimit talks about his recent trip to Thailand where he set up a repeater for HAMs in Thailand located on Phi Phi Island Andaman sea.

He also talks about the regulation of the Amateur Radio service in Thailand and how it is different from the US. He discusses government regulations and frequency coverage for the Technician license.

[Meeting scheduled in Room 32 this month]

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