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Amateur Radio Technology Day

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January 30, 2010

8:00am — 9:00pm

[Panoramic View]

13 Hours of Fun Amateur Radio Activities in
Menlo Park one Saturday a month!

our 62nd Am-Tech Day

Panofsky Auditorium

Robust Microwave Communications System Design for Remote Locations
1:30 PM
Edward Johnson, WB6CFW

Microwave Point-to-Point Communications Networks have been with us for nearly 70 years. Today’s equipment and networks have evolved significantly to the point where equipment reliability is excellent and links are easier to design and install. Remote areas, small towns, villages and industrial sites are requiring increased traffic bandwidth, public Internet and corporate IP services. In places where fiber optic cables are not practical or cost justified and satellite service is not reliable enough, fixed terrestrial microwave links are typically used. Methods used to design these networks with high reliability and minimal maintenance is the topic of this presentation. Ed Johnson will present useful information based on real project experiences on ways to make these networks robust. Included will be a discussion on propagation, mitigation techniques, adaptive links, site power systems and other environmental issues that affect reliability and survivability. [edit]

Two Excellent Dxpedition Video Presentations
3:00 PM

K5D Desecheo Island

"Desecheo is a small, mountainous island in the Mona Channel, approximately 14 miles or 21 km west of Punta Higüero, Puerto Rico. The island lies outside the 100 fathom depth boundary used to define the Puerto Rican Bank. The K5D DXpedition, 12-26 February 2009, netted 115,783 QSOs, including one QSO with the International Space Station. The DXpedition ranks #7th for all-time number of QSOs, and the #1 DXpedition with the most 30M contacts." (From the K5D website)

This DVD was provided for viewing by FARS Member John Mezak, K2RDX.

FT5XO Kergueien 2005

This DVD was provided for viewing by the Northern California DX Foundation. [edit]

Repeat of the 3pm Video Presentations
7:00 PM



  • Activity from 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM, (13 Hours)[†],
  • A shared GOTA (Get On The Air) HF Station available for use all day.
  • A Donation-financed Lunch; hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, beverages & snacks for the first 40 or so participants. Morning Donuts & coffee, etc.
  • Setup area for your Amateur Radio equipment, including an antenna field.

[†] We plan for 13 hours; however, if there is low evening participation, we will begin breaking down the site setup at 6:00PM; the GOTA Station will routinely be recovered starting at 6:00PM.

Sign up to speak at Am-Tech Day

Prospective speakers may make a request to speak at an upcoming Amateur Radio Technology Day event using the form on this page.

Get On The Air (GOTA) High Frequency Radio Station on Air All Day!
9:00 AM — 6:00 PM

At the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


SLAC has graciously given us use of a large indoor and outdoor activity area, including a large auditorium and a picnic area to practice and demonstrate our amateur radio skills.


With beginnings in October, 2004 at the Sunnyvale Baylands Park, to our present location at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory starting in January, 2005, the many individuals involved over the years have made the Am - Tech Day experience an interesting one, indeed.


The activity's duration, spanning most of the day and into the evening, allows Amateur Radio Operators and their friends to attend before, and/or after, any additional daytime/evening tasks and activities they need to accomplish.


Please bring and wear your Ham Radio organizational name badge if you have one! We will also have temporary name badges available for your use.


The participant supported lunch with hamburgers, hot dog's, veggie burgers, chips, soft drinks, etc., will be on hand to enjoy.


Even if you don't have a radio or antenna to bring, come anyway, and get to mingle, make new friends, and have a chance to use some of the gear other hams have set up. Bring your family and friends!


We usually have at least one lecture on the latest ham technology. But if the lectures don't interest you, mingle with the crowd, and you'll surely find another ham that can teach you about operating in general or about the latest cool thing.

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Sponsored by the Foothills Amateur Radio Society.
For full details, visit:

Amateur Radio Technology Day — Notes & Directions


SLAC is providing the space, but you bring all the equipment and food you need. A BBQ grill, charcoal, and refrigerator are available.

  • Show a photo ID at the gate, and sign-in at the table inside the building.
  • AC power supplies and amplifiers must be UL-listed, have a similar safety endorsement, or be approved by the SLAC Electrical Safety Officer.
  • A limited number of AC outlets are available inside and outside, but since we're not allowed to plug power strips into extension cords, bringing along a 35'-100' extension cord with multiple built-in outlets would be quite helpful.
  • Gel-cell batteries 50 amp hours or less are allowed, so long as there are no exposed conductors. Use electrical tape, shrink-wrap, or similar materials to cover the terminals. No wet-cell batteries or car/truck batteries are allowed.
  • Alcohol, firearms, flammable liquids, and other dangerous weapons are strictly prohibited.

We have free use of this great site, but we need to comply with the SLAC, OSHA, and fire marshal safety rules. For those who are curious, we need to comply with NFPA-70E and OSHA 1910 (subpart S) electrical safety regulations.


Amateur Radio Technology Day can be reached easily from Highways 101 and 280. SLAC is located off of Sand Hill Road, less than a mile east of Interstate 280 (towards the bay).

  • From U.S. 101, turn west onto either University Avenue or Embarcadero Road, then turn right (north) onto El Camino Real and then left (west) onto Sand Hill Road, and continue approximately 2.6 miles west, turning left at Saga Lane.
  • From Interstate 280, turn east (towards the bay) onto Sand Hill Road, and proceed approximately 0.8 mile, turning right at Saga Lane.

Once you turn onto Saga Lane, turn left after the guard shack onto Loop Road and follow the signs to the parking lots below Panofsky Auditorium, located around the bend (Parking lot C). Park and walk up the concrete path to the buildings.

[Aerial view]
Aerial view of the site
[SLAC Map]

2575 Sand Hill Rd.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(0.8 mile east of Hwy 280 on Sand Hill Road)

N 37.419830
W 122.204568

Talk-In Frequency: N6NFI: 145.230MHz/Offset: -600Hz/PL: 100Hz

Sponsored by the Foothills Amateur Radio Society.
For full details, visit: