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Amateur Radio Technology Day


April 2, 2005


[Panoramic View]

The Foothills Amateur Radio Society (FARS) will be sponsoring the seventh Amateur Radio Technology Day at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Am-Tech Day offers a monthly location where local amateur radio operators and other technology innovators can practice and demonstrate their communication skills and emergency-preparedness equipment.

11PM — 12PM
Cortland Richmond, KA5S

Cortland will teach us all how to track down and counter Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and rectify interference from common electrical devices.
Cortland was first licensed in 1958, has been active in electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) since 1983, and has a wide range of experience involving EMI mitigation, including avionics while in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during 1962 and in the computer, telecom, and medial EMC fields, and is a member of the IEEE EMC Society and the ARRL EMC Committee.

2PM — 3PM
Rich Harrington, KN6FW

Rich will show you how much fun T-hunting can be, how to get started with inexpensive equipment. A hunt will follow the lecture. Rich is the designer of the AHHA! MicroFinder Doppler RDF direction finder.

3PM — 5PM

The Red Cross will be offering its Introduction to Disaster Services certified training class, free of charge. Open to the first 25 people who register on-site, this class is a prerequisite to the rest of the Red Cross's emergency communications training classes.


We will have use of SLAC's Panofsky Auditorium, the cafeteria, and the area around the building with:

  • An eastern-facing hill 300' above sea level
  • A 275-seat auditorium for training & lectures
  • 92-seat cafeteria
  • Picnic tables, lawn, & trees


SLAC is providing the space, but you bring the equipment and food. A BBQ grill, charcoal, and fridge will be available.

  • Show a photo ID at the gate, and sign-in at the cafeteria.
  • A limited number of AC outlets are available inside and outside.
  • Gel-cell batteries 50 amp hours or less are allowed, so long as there are no exposed conductors. Use electrical tape, shrink-wrap, or similar materials to cover the terminals. No wet-cell batteries or car/truck batteries are allowed.
  • No alcohol, firearms, flammable liquids, or other dangerous weapons.

For directions and rules about allowed equipment, please see the reverse side or visit:
the Foothills Amateur Radio Society at

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Important Details for Am-Tech Day


Since SLAC is a scientific research site, all equipment set up at the facility must meet the following rules:

  • AC power supplies and amplifiers must be UL-listed, have a similar safety endorsement, or be approved by the SLAC Electrical Safety Officer.
  • Only one AC extension cord or power-strip may be plugged into each outlet, so some operating stations will need to supply a long extension cord (say 352 1002) with multiple integrated outlets plugging a power strip into an extension cord is not allowed.

We have free use of this great site, but we need to comply with the SLAC, OSHA, and fire marshal safety rules. For those who are curious, we need to comply with NFPA-70E and OSHA 1910 (subpart S) electrical safety regulations.

Required Extension Cord Wire Gauge
Maximum Appliance Wattage Length of Cord Gauge Size Required Length of Cord Gauge Size Required
<50 feet
14 gauge
>50 feet
12 gauge
<50 feet
16 gauge
>50 feet
14 gauge
<50 feet
18 gauge
>50 feet
16 gauge

Am-Tech Day will be located in the SLAC cafeteria, breezeway, Panofsky Auditorium, and the surrounding outside areas.


The FARS Am-Tech Day can be reached easily from Highways 101 and 280. SLAC is located off of Sand Hill Road, less than a mile from Interstate 280.

  • From U.S. 101, turn west onto either University Avenue or Embarcadero Road, then turn right (north) onto El Camino Real and then left (west) onto Sand Hill Road, and continue approximately 2.6 miles west, turning left at Saga Lane.
  • From Interstate 280, turn east (towards the bay) onto Sand Hill Road, and proceed approximately 0.8 mile, turning right at Saga Lane.
[Aerial View] [SLAC Map]

Once you turn onto Saga Lane, turn left after the guard shack onto Loop Road and follow the signs to the parking lots below Panofsky Auditorium, located around the bend (Parking lot C). Park and walk up the concrete path to the buildings.

For more details on the event, please visit:
Foothills Amateur Radio Society at